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*SHORT REVIEW* Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness

Discovery of Witches is a tale between powerful covens of witches and other realms which are currently in disarray and are fighting for survival and fighting for the blood in which Diana Bishop harbours.

A student going by the name of Diana Bishop ends up discovering the magic in her blood  has been concealed from her most of her life to protect her and those around her and closest to her seem to know until she meets the Elusive Matthew Clairmont, a vampire who has experienced centuries of drama, bloodlust, love and darkness. Over the course of the book you are given a front seat preview into the life of being a Clairmont and how their family were once the pillar of the vampire community.

Through Dianas studies, her powers start to strengthen and soon it becomes noticeable that she is more powerful than she realised in which her relationship with Matthew becomes more heated and more in sync.. Love starts to blossom. Matthews then 'teacher' role starts to develop into a love in…

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