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STUDENT FINANCE And Love Have 3 Things In Common.

The all anticipated post we've all been waiting for.


The feeling we all get when we receive the text message notifying us that our maintenance loan will be paid within two to three day or receiving our entitlement letter with our funding for the next term.

There is no doubt that we all get that fuzzy feeling in our belly as we fill our heads with anticipation on what were going to use it for until a few weeks later it dawns on you that you'll need to make sure it lasts a whole year as well as with the swell of interest rates - technically, this money is not yours. It's just a loan.

Many people have compared receiving Student finance and love to the same thing.

That feeling of feeling settled. That feeling of being content and not having to worry and then the excitement of not knowing what's in store.

These three points can be used to explain both and goes to show how different things can mean the same to different people.

I think the one downside that everyone can account for about Student finance is of course checking your student loan repayment calculator and watching the interest rate blind you for a few seconds before realising you practically owe the government over £20,000.

Knowing that the maintenance grant has been basically scrapped in England and is now a loan may sometimes sway students away from asking for the full amount they are entitled to due to the raised interest rates, the worry of when they'll be able to pay it back and so on; but I can categorically say PLEASE don't put yourself in financial difficulty by shortening what you actually need because the truth is, although it's a loan and technically a lot of money. It's an INVESTMENT into your future and that should be the motto you carry when even just studying or applying for help.

It'll all be worth it in the end.


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