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The Secret Barrister 10/10

The Secret Barrister = Perfection.

I think I'm just going to give an outline review as this is one book that I wouldn't want to spoil as it is a MUST read.

This is an
insight into how the law has it's flaws and how the system is broken.
Although not everything goes to plan. We look at how the law became the fragmented mess it is and why it is still like that and what should be done to stop while following his 'UNIQUE' journey working in the criminal justice system.

The anonymity, the frankness, the descriptions and the authors lack of sugar coating things is what makes this book great.

The secret barrister starts off hilarious steadily leading you into the serious world of crime and what a a barristers job is. A friend, a ride home and last of all their lifeline.

The secret barrister battles and tries to overcome the bias and unfairness that our law system allows to take place due to the fragmented system, that is now allowing the guilty to wonder free and the innocent left to prove that they are in fact not guilty.

From Chapter 1, you start on a lighthearted note and the author's lighthearted humour is what sets the tone for more to come. His wittiness and sense of character shows that he is someone that knows exactly who he is and what he can do. You can smell his pride the moment you turn the page.

The secret barrister is a good book for those that have an interest in the legal system or want a deeper understanding in regards to the criminal justice system and those it serves. This is a book that is a must buy to add to your book shelf. You won't be disappointed.


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