On the right track.

Today is the day where I know what I want and who I want to be.

My law degree has been draining all the energy out of me and the lack of sleep is inexcusable but I do tend to work better at nightfall.

I opened my blog this morning to find out I have over 2000 subscribers!!

I currently have a few issues with blogger and only seem to be getting subscribers via email so if people could also press the follow button in the side bar that would be great!!


I have never felt so overwhelmed considering I've not been posting a lot recently but that will change.


Knowing what I want.

Commercial Law during the week and Criminal Law on the weekends.

Criminal Law has always been the one topic that I know the most on from penal theory to custodial sanctions to probable cause. I've always been a walking encyclopedia when it comes to criminal law but in order to pave my path and LIVE, commercial law is really my only option.

Don't get me wrong there is nothing wrong with commercial but I have just always found myself better at criminal and fascinated when it comes to cold cases and the CPS.

This is my graduation plan.
To make a living during the week and do what I love on the weekends.

I really don't know how people cope with doing a masters as I'm currently studying 32 different topics over a short amount of time. I have found myself having practically a non existing circle and have really found out who my true friends are and sadly to say.. there is none.

Many people think that studying at university isn't 'major' and doesn't mean you don't have time but it does. I sleep for three hours each day if not at all and that's because my head is buried in a book with highlighters as a pillow.

Law is demanding and expects you to read up on things even if you don't need to or it's not in your syllabus as well as research on the evolving legal system that still has it's flaws. You find yourself jumping from book to book as your research drags you deeper and deeper and you realise that twelve books and seven chapters later.

but I know it'll all be worth it once I graduate I just have to get there first.. so I'm told.


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