5 life hacks that you'll find useful.


There are several life hacks that have been discovered to make life simpler for your average joe... sometimes you wish for that easy DIY trick that'll make whatever task your doing a lot more easier.

  1. For your avid gardener - if you push the roots of the rose into small potatoes, the nutrients will allow the rose to grow as healthy as it would in soil.
  2. For those that struggle with wearing shoes in -  putting wet newspaper into your shoes as tightly as possible and letting them dry before then removing the newspaper will help in wearing your shoes in to avoid those uncomfortable blisters.
  3. For those that have a fear of locking the doors - using a rubber band will help to keep a door from latching thus allowing you to now have to worry about the door locking or ending up 'stuck.'
  4. For those with a large amount of Christmas baubles - use a spare egg box to store the rest of your Christmas baubles.
  5. For those that want to fill a bucket that won't fit the sink - Use a clean dustpan as a jug to fill the container that doesn't fit.

Hopefully these hacks will help.


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