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September is here.. L'art de simplicite

I have one more month from here until I turn 20 and I am quite excited now as I've promised myself that I will start driving lessons and I've started looking at residential driving courses instead to make it easier so I can do everything in one go instead of going back and forth.

I'm currently reading the L'art de la simplicite: How to live more with less.

Although this book does not come under the self help section.. it has done just that.

Mentally. Emotionally and Physically. I've questioned everything and questioned whether the path I'm on is the right one for myself.

I have found myself going through constant patches of - Am I sure I want to do Law? Could I still have done Medicine? Was Science really a good idea? - and each question is wrong.

I now always ask myself:

  • What makes my life complicated?
  • Is it worth it?
  • When am I happiest?
  • Is having more important than being?
  • How far am I prepared to divest?
Sometimes you have to eliminate the past and focus on the future. As harsh as that sounds.

September the 1st is the perfect time to do that.

So from this month it'll be pitter patter steps towards rebuilding a new me.

Apologies for how short this is but I just had to post as it's been more than two weeks.


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