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Behind the Door - A Gavazzoni.

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Simone was a psychiatrist who dealt with people with sexual behaviour disorders and Carl is a defence attorney trying to defend a client who murdered a young woman named Lara during a sex game gone wrong.

If you enjoy Law and Order, Criminal Minds, Fifty shades of grey, then this book is for you.
With Simone's colleague currently working with the police to try and find a 'sadist' killing and torturing women, Simone's world starts to unravel and connect in the strangest places.

The minute I opened this book, I couldn't put it down.. The relationships between the characters and the way the writing flowed. The author knew exactly what she wanted to write and the story she wanted to portray. Each chapter had you sitting on the edge of the seat and the play with words with the hint of erotica made the story a little steamy too.

The relationship of Mark and Lara is told in a dear journal type of way which was clever for the author as the characteristics of the deceased were easy to imagine and were quite vivid.

You understood the fact that there were two storylines but they were incredibly linked in a way with the display of Mark and Lara's sordid relationship and then Simone being caught up with trying to help her colleague in trying to find the serial killer taunting and torturing women. It took me a while to understand the mindset Lara may have had but the picture of Lara has been painted as being an independent and strong woman who clearly has gone through her own ordeal and challenges but still manages to navigate what she wants and seems to have found her own sense of 'comfort' with Mark.

You almost do feel sorry for Mark as you know that he really did care for Lara and always had her best interests at heart and he just wanted to keep being that 'comfort' even if it pushed him to the limit.. which eventually it did regardless of it not being his fault.

I thoroughly enjoyed the fact that it covered the taboos of sexuality and looked at it from various perspectives and not the same narrow minded view that we may sometimes find in books.

I would say this story does fit under a thriller but also moves slightly to a dystopian thriller just due to a few of the dark scenes and the endless plot twists.



  1. I also loved this one by Adriana! She is a dear friend of mine and happy to see more reviews like this for her. Her whole "Hidden Motives" books 1, 2, and 3 the finale are fantastic reads and don't know why any have NOT made the NYT Best-Seller List!

    Catherine Lyon, Author and Owner of Lyon Media Services.com


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