Confidence is something that not everyone has.. including me.

I go through days of thinking about my vast academic achievements and what I have been able to do with my circumstances and sometimes I think - I don't have the confidence or faith within myself to finish this degree.

It's even harder for some if you don't have much of a support system.

We go through days where we may feel a surge of confidence to do different things or try new things.. however that could come a time where that feel shifts and your confidence feels kind of obliterated and your at a loss of what to do.

People say that in order to have confidence you have to love yourself but sometimes it''s not the love you need. It's understand you. Understand what you want. What you deserve. And what you need.

Self Love can be a bonus and intro into accepting yourself but building on your confidence takes real time and dedication in order to give you that boost/feeling.

This post was a spare of the moment thing and I'm currently just typing with the flow of how I'm feeling.

The last forty eight hours have been pretty rough and with my feelings all over the place - this post comes in handy.

Society has played a pivotal part in regards to how we see ourselves in general and what we look like in comparison to other people. The biggest poison is the comparing. Trying to compare what others are doing to yourself during your quest for confidence will only push you further down the task list as you are halting any potential progress with comparisons.

This was a short post - So thanks for getting this far!!


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