Is sex really talked about?

Safe sex is a topic that everyone seems to be wary due to the implications of not having safe sex.

This is not a post to bash people who have different views regarding sex.

Just had to make that point above clear..

However, what we will talk about... Is how much of a 'sensitive' subject sex is.

I'm sure we all remember sex being a topic we would cringe about during classes or snickering while in front of the white board when sex education was first mentioned in our early years.
It seems that the 'tabooness' is still there, it's almost as if an imaginary muzzle is placed over us as not to cause embarrassment when we decide to speak about it.

A few years ago, there used to be a show called embarrassing bodies which was pretty ground breaking in regards to being very controversial as it occasionally had those who had either gained sex related injuries, deformities prohibiting them from performing sex or a condition in which sex was deemed impossible.
Dr Christian was known for breaking down barriers and helping provide informative information for those who had seeked him, with the hope of turning their life around but sadly it seemed the show fizzled out after a good few years of being on air.

Society seems to always have an impact on making something 'taboo' or 'wrong' to talk about. We millennials, should not have to work in finding ways to make ourselves and others feel comfortable when talking about sex. Our inhibitions should not have to be dimmed down because we have been made to think our nature in which we procreate is wrong.

If we take a sociological approach to sex, we could probably look at it as this:

Society seems to be okay with looking at sex in regards to procreating but by golly have such a damned expression when the conversations shifts to body parts and how we use them.

Sex can be a sacred thing, yes but being sexually liberal is anything but bad.

Sex is something that CAN be talked about and should not be something that you should be ashamed about.


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