Living with a chronic health condition.

I personally think that living with a health condition especially chronic is hard but so is having a lack of support.

I always say if your support system:

a) Know nothing about your condition.

b) Don't even remember the name.


c) Still don't understand the correct terminology.


I think I've become accustomed of really just letting my friends and relatives know about my health when I've actually been admitted or on the operating table just to make things easier. Not only for them but for me, as having to explain what you have and the ins and out.. start to take it's toll.

Having a good support system not only makes things easier but helps when you are having a low days because of the repercussions of what you have. There are times when reality sinks in and what you can and can't do can be a very worrying thought. A simple phone call or text message can make a stressful day less stressful.

A support system doesn't also automatically mean family but a confidant or close friend can also be one of those things.

There is nothing worse than going to hospital and bringing something with you who you'd think is a 'close' friend and them not actually knowing anything about your condition and well really nothing about you... 

As when you really think about it... your condition is part of who you are whether you like it or not and someone choosing not to learn about that part of who you are is a little alarming.. 

This post may come off as a little all over the place as this doesn't fit with my scheudle but this was a spur of the moment post.


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