Election time for the young adults.

Things are heating up.

Only a couple more days until the result. Get your running shoes on.

Don't be late.
You don't want to miss out on the biggest day for generations to come.

Austerity seems to be a hot topic when it comes to every single person and who they want to vote for. This post isn't to sway you or mislead you but has been created to give you an insight into the drama and who's who in this race.

There have been several feuds between party leaders and members with exposes on anti-semitism in the Labour Party, racism and bigotry in the Conservative party, Liberal Democrats issuing misleading posters and the Brexit party showing their racist views in an undercover channel 4 documentary.

We as young people are sometimes seen to be quite either bias or unknowledgeable when it comes to we want vote or what party represents us and the thing is, the likelihood of finding a party that represents you is quite slim now a days unless you resort to be a hard leftie or right.

Millennials were always seen as the underdogs in politics until recently when politicians realised that they needed us. The young vote IS important. The question is, do politicians really care?

Many will say they don't and the odd few may say yes.

We live in a corrupt 'democratic' society and I don't mean corrupt in the way that it is usually used but as in that those in power not only stay in power but use their power to influence others especially at the top.

The horrid saying 'Get Brexit done' has now become the epitome of Britain. The running commentary when people think of the UK.

When it comes to election time for young adults, where do we go from here. How do we deicide whats better for us and the time to come? Are we going to always be overlooked when our vote is essential during the voting process?

The only way to offset that is to do your research, look at the party closer to you and that share similar values and get up and vote. and if you vote via proxy.. even better.



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