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Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari *Short Outline Review*

Sapiens was a book that I had on my book shelf for a little bit before deciding to actually read it due to other books in the queue and studying. 
However with the current circumstances, my days are filled with having enough time to read more than I usually would have time for. Sapiens follows not only the history of human kind but the evolution of it. However Sapiens does appear to be more of personalised opinion on humankind and the authors own views entwined with facts. After reading sapiens, I found myself doing more background research and through each page having more questions than I did in the beginning. It's definitely by no means an easy or short read but worth it none the less. It does give you an interesting perspective on the way the world is and why it is the way it is and allows you to understand the deeper issues of the world today. 

Our current circumstances with majority of us in lockdown may find this book as a way to have an insight into the current lockdown/quarantine we all face.      


Rating 3/5


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