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The Lion and The Mouse (5 book series) by Kenya Wright 5/5

The Lion and the Mouse 5 book series covers 'The Lion and the Mouse" formally known as Kaz and Mysh also going by Kaz and Emily follows their explosive path of love,war and destruction. This book is not for the faint hearted and has its x rated parts but once you've started reading you can't stop and each page has your heart in your mouth. The Author Kenya Wright has managed to engage you in all 5 books with each book outdoing the other which is hard to come by when it comes to a book series that is consistent in keeping the readers interest. 

Kazmier the feared Russian 'bratva gangster' with his hands in all the pies until he stumbles upon 'his mouse' who has a dark background of her own and finds herself trapped in his presence yet although witnessing how dangerous he is. She still wants to stay. The only problem is that 'his mouse' is just as dangerous as he is if not more. We find that the contrast between both characters shows that they both are in unchartered territory when it comes to them exploring a relationship and these new found feelings cause as much destruction as it does good. 

We discover that mouse may border serial killer tendencies if not sociopathic ones. 

You realise that mouse comes with her own baggage and drama as well as her own 'crew' who know to protect her no matter what even if that means saving her from herself.'
Emily ends up forming a friendship with a destructive but loveable acquaintance that could threaten and undermine what Kaz has worked for.

Kazmeir and Mysh find themselves fighting off both their enemies with kidnappings, shootings, unexplained deaths and new comers arriving on the scene. There is also the unspoken issue of Mysh being a black woman having a relationship with a Russian which sparks a whole other problem.
Although you know both characters have their evil and dangerous side, you can't help but fall in love with them both and find yourself rooting for them to make it.

There is a mole in the organisation and Kaz doesn't trust anyone not even Emily's crew. Everyone is suspicious of everyone and no one trusts the other. Threats are thrown, blackmail is uncovered and someone has ordered a hit. 

The Author has also hinted that their could be a book 6 and if there is, this would mean the end is near but for who? We don't know?

Hopefully Kenya Wright provides more of the Lion and The Mouse. 


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