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Bucket List

So this is currently my before 30 bucket list of things I would like to at least attempt before hitting 30.

1. Climb Everest (likelihood of that is pretty slim.)
2. Attend a holistic yoga retreat
3. Scuba dive
4. Get Married at least once ;)
5. Swim with sharks
6. Go on a safari trip to Botswana
7. Bathe an elephant
8. Buy a house in the countryside
9. Get engaged on my birthday (I can wish :D)
10. Learn Chinese fluently
11. Get qualified for Adsense.. (yes. that's actually a thing.)
12. Get back to a size 10
13. Go snorkelling
14. Go skiing
15. Get a dog
16. Go to the blue lagoon in Iceland
17. Backpack through Thailand

I'll be adding more as I sift through my list.


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